How to subscribe to my blogs on your cellphone so that you don't miss a single post again.

I am finally able to help those who are struggling to subscribe to my blogs, 3D Reflections of Life and The School Corridor Tatler. The 3D Reflections of Life blog covers a range of topics. It is a personal blog where I log snapshots of experiences I have. The School Corridor Tatler covers educational issues.

Because I use the Blogger platform, I am able to link both blogs as pages. This feature of blogger is fantastic. You don't have to leave the one blog to visit the other one. All you have to do is click on the tab link and you are taken straight to my second blog.

I didn't realize that the mobile version of my blogs does not display the subscription forms. Whenever one of my friends asked me how they can subscribe to the blogs, I would direct them to the subscription form that is embedded on the landing page of each of my blogs. I would tell them to access the blog via a computer to see the web version.

Silly me! You can access the web version on your mobile phone. Even I did not know this, so thanks to all those who have been pestering me and even apologizing for being ignorant!

Accessing the subscription form on your cellphone.

Let me explain how easy it is to access the subscription form on your cellphone.

Go to either the blog, 3D Reflections of life or to The School Corridor Tatler.

  • Scroll to the end of the post you have read. You will see the following labels below:

  • Click on the link "view web version". You will now see the version of the blog as it would appear on a computer.

  • In the right sidebar you will see a graphic enticing you to subscribe. These simple graphics are all part of my experiment to spruce up my blog. Blogging is hard work but I enjoy dabbling with different things to make the blog look exciting too.  

  • Below the graphic you will see a box which says: "E-mail address."  Enter your e-mail in this space and click the "Submit" button. 

  • Hooray! You have now indicated you want to become one of my subscribers. You will receive an e-mail notification to confirm that you wish to subscribe to the blog of your choice. Click on link in this e-mail notification and that's it!

Whenever I post on the blog, you will receive a notification and a link that will take you straight to the blog post.

The Subscription form on The School Corridor Tatler

There are other ways to embed a subscription form so that it is visible on the mobile version of my blogs, but I do not know how to do that. For now, this foolproof, slightly longer method, will help you fill in the subscription form and become one of my favourite subscribers.

I look forward to having you on my mailing list. Thanks for reading the posts and for either liking or commenting on those that really move you. I love the interaction.



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