Spending time at the Art in the Park at Rondebosch Park

My friends - Devine and Erica - and I spent two awesome hours at the Art in the Park exhibition that was held today.  The art exhibition was hosted by the South African Society of Artists.

Visitors could interact with the artists who were hosting their own exhibition stalls. We went to support one of our ex colleagues, Mandy Herdien, who is one of the emerging local artists.

Mandy Herdien with a few of her artworks

Mandy was excited to show us how her art has transformed over the years.

"I enjoy experimenting with various media and painting techniques. I am currently exhibiting at Kirstenbosch art gallery as well. People are beginning to appreciate my art. I am now in an exciting phase where I can allow my creative genius to surface."

Our conversation was interrupted by a couple who wanted to speak to Mandy. They loved the painting of  a herd of goats. This couple has been commissioned by their friend in London to find a Nguni painting for him.  They were excited that they had found a painting that their friend may be interested in.

While Mandy was occupied I slipped off to see the other artists and their exhibitions. The artists were happy to explain their art. Most of the art captured scenes from Cape Town life, nature, still life and potraits.

Activity at one of the exhibition stands

Surprisingly, there wasn't really a rainbow flavor to the artists who exhibited at Rondebosch Park. We have so many talented local artists and it would be a pity if they do not use such platforms as the South African Society of Artists to help promote their work.

Mandy explained the challenges that artists face. Although there were many art galleries, it wasn't easy to find people who were willing to give artists space to exhibit their work.  Exhibitions like the Art in the Park, says Mandy, does help with exposure for artists. During the course of the morning, she had met a curator who had earmarked two of her artworks for the gallery.

Colouful scenes

The Art in the Park exhibition was a refreshing experience. In fact, while I was walking about, I felt that nudging to take an art course.  After all, we are all artists and we do have stories to tell, even if those stories grace our own homes only!

Artist sitting serenely


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