Time for Guangzhou morning tea and savoring diumsum at the Nan-Yuan Restaurant.

This is the sixth post in the Ni hao (Hello China) Travelogue and the focus is on the morning tea we had at Nan-Yuan Restaurant.

We experienced diumsum, a traditional social event when friends and family gather to drink tea and enjoy a variety of exotic dishes. And did we have an awesome time!

part of our group in the courtyard

Firstly, the  Nan-Yuan restaurant is elegant and opulent. Its garden setting and the courtyard is fairytale like. When you enter the large dining hall, you are greeted by a crowd of happy tea drinkers and tons of chandeliers to add to the charm.

soups that were served

The usual 'high teas' that we have pale in comparison to the diumsum. The menu includes a variety of tea, including flower tea, savoury snacks, sweet snacks and different soups. All these delicacies are served on beautiful porcelain platters or in bamboo baskets.

savoury snacks

Jean in deep concentration 

seafood parcels

me and one of our chaperones


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