Visit to Sun Yat-sen University and the Chinese Art and Culture at Caimo Tang.

This is post number 3 in the Ni hao (Hello) China Travelogue.  This post marks the beginning of our China tour. The first day started on a high note.

Visit to Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) in Guangzhou. 

Our first day in China started off with a welcoming ceremony at Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) in Guandzhou. Guangzhou is in South China, in the Guandong Province.

The North gate of SYSU. The Pearl River runs parallel to this gate.

We learned about the history of SYSU. This university was founded in 1924 by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, one of China's great revolutionary leaders.  About 83,000 students attend SYSU, of which 3,200 are international students. SYSU is one of the top ten universities in China. It is a multi-disciplinary university with an inter-cultural centre for research and language courses, we were told.  We met a Zimbabwean and a European student during a tour of the campus. 

There are many green spaces on the campus. We saw a group of people playing a game with a badminton shuttlecock in one of these green nooks.

The campus is beautiful. There are many historical buildings and statues. Here and there you would see folk doing exercise and families with children strolling down the lane.

Visit to the  Exchange Chinese Art and Culture at Caimo Tang.

Flower tea display
Our arrival was announced on a large billboard at the entrance to this museum. Their delight and respect know no bounds. The billboard also informed passing pedestrians of the visiting South Africans.  What an honour to be treated like this in a foreign country!

The experience at the Exchange Chinese art and Culture at Caimo Tang was surreal. We saw exquisite artworks of all media, a range of flower teas and spices that are crafted with passion and precision. 

Entrance to the Caimo Tang. The welcoming banner that was displayed at the entrance.

Here we were treated to tea brewed in teapot a few hundred years old. Our tea was served in genuine porcelain tea bowls. Each of these bowls had the date inscribed on the bottom.

The group that entertained us with tea brewing, music and calligraphy

We watched a demonstration of intricate incense art, calligraphy done in ancient Chinese style (writing from right to left)  and listened to a soul- stirring rendition played on one of China's traditional musical instruments.

Intricate incense designs

After this special performance we toured the museum. The artworks are phenomenal.

 Most of us were speechless and deeply moved by the experiences of the day. 

See a few of the artworks below.

Our group photo at the Caimo Tang.


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